[Job Posting] You need to “hustle” your way in.

I am looking to hire someone incredible to join our BD team here at Shopify. The process however is going to be a little different than usual. I’m not accepting applications, written or digital, and I’m not taking any direct interview requests.

Instead, if you’re really interested in interviewing for this role, you’ll need to “hustle” your way in. There are no rules, no “best” practices, and as long as you don’t offend or disrupt anyone, and are respectful, you may use any tactic or idea.


We are looking for someone to join our team who thinks differently about problems. We want someone who has the creativity to identify a particular partnership opportunity, the experience & analytical skills to develop the right pitch, and the tenacity to see it through to execution.

As a team, we have a unique mentality. We believe that asking for forgiveness is better than asking for permission. We believe in doing things, and telling people. We believe that ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect.’ We believe in working smart AND working hard. We don’t like waiting in line, and we’re obsessed with metrics. We love passionate people, and we hate mediocrity. We loathe formal structures, and we’re constantly cultivating a better meritocracy.

I am looking for someone who is ready to do more, learn more, transact more, write more, pitch more, listen more, and enjoy more. I am looking for someone that really knows how to ‘hustle’.


(note: candidate must be willing to relocate to Ottawa)


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